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Larry Thornton Collection

Mike Caveney Ten Dollar Bill Trick

Mike Caveney's performance was recorded live in Spokane, WA by Larry Thornton in 1979.

His routine, "The Ten Dollar Bill Trick" is explained in his 2013 book Wonders. The routine is based on Edward Victor's "Eleven Card Trick" which was performed with money for larger audiences by Gene Gordon and Fred Kaps. 

Mike Caveney was the recipient of the inaugural Allan Slaight Award for Sharing Wonder. 

Rick Johnsson Flipped His Lid

Rick Johnsson performs close-up magic, recorded by Larry Thornton in Portland, OR in 1980. He is assisted at the table by a young Daryl Easton.

This verison of the "Afghan Bands" (also known as the "Moebius Bands") incorporating zippers was marketed by Ed Eckle as "Möbi-Zip" in 1977. (Via MagicPedia). 

The appearance of nested lids appeared as "Look! E's Flipped His Lid---" in his column "Come A Little Closer" in the January, 1977 issue of The Linking Ring


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