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The Rich Cabinet Collection

In the not-too-distant future, Magicana will be releasing the complete collection of Dr. Edwin A. Dawes’ long-running series on magic history, “A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities,” published since 1972 in the Magic Circular of the famed Magic Circle.

Dr. Dawes has completed over four hundred and ninety-six articles, and continues to release new ones monthly in the Magic Circular. This unprecedented achievement is a total triumph.


The Rich Cabinet Collection

It’s time to bring this historic project together into one big, collected set. The Rich Cabinet Collection will be that definitive set, composed of five hundred articles written and updated by Dr. Dawes.

And this set is no mere reproduction.

We are revising, updating and enhancing each article, illustrating and illuminating your journey through magic history with Dr. Dawes.

sample pages from the Rich cabinet collection

#001: “A Dream of Wealth”   |   #003: “The Great Mirror of Folly”   |   #010: “A Message from Mars”

How Big?

The complete set will comprise an unbelievable nine volumes, including an index. Each volume is envisioned to be 12.5” x 9.25” (31.75 x 23.5 cm), and to contain approximately four hundred pages each. A comprehensive index will be published as a separate volume.

The nine volumes will be sold, strictly, as a set; no volumes will be sold individually. And, there will be a limited number of sets printed.

How Much?

We don’t have a final price just yet. But we will soon, so please check back regularly for updates and information. 

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Have a question? Send it to info@magicana.com—but we should warn you now, due to the size of this project, we do not have an official release date yet. It’s best to sign up to our eList, and we will send you news as soon as we have details to share.