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Piff Paff Poof


Welcome to a World of Wonder

An extravaganza of magic for the young at heart

Poof, as you may have guessed, is a bunny—a very special bunny. And what would a bunny be without a magician?! Poof’s got his very own magician, Julie Eng. Together, they perform some amazing magic for the young at heart – colourful, visual, participatory, funny and, most of all, magical.  They have even been known to levitate a mom or two!

Julie also has many magical friends. She has promised to make sure one drops by to perform for Poof and his friends—that's you!

Magic and fun for all ages.


My favourite trick was the levitating mom trick—how DID you DO that???!!! I was clapping and completely amazed with that one. I can't wait to learn it and try it on my sister and mom!!

—Hayden (8) aka The Amazing Hayden

Poof, we LOVED your show, it was so much fun!!!

—Isabella(7), Joey and Nick( 51/2)

I liked it all. This is my favourite magic show. It was good. No, great!

—Eye Weekly

This kids magic show is running in Toronto for the month of March, it is an interactive show for kids of all ages. The show is performed in a small venue theatre where it is easy for the audience to have an up close and personal experience with the magicians. Many little ones even got to go on stage and take part in the show. My 3 and 5 year old where laughing and taking part through the whole 1 hour show. Their favourite part was getting to pet Poof (the rabbit) after the show. Poof is not in town for long so be sure not to miss him. It is a great show and a good family outing.



... it was a fun (and funny) show with lots of opportunities for the audience to get involved. Age-wise, they felt it was ideal for the kindergarten set but nine year-old Ruby had a good time too. They would have liked to see more of the bunny but enjoyed meeting him after the show.

—The Little Paper

Had a fun hour of entertainment! Wished there had been more!

—Bradley M. & Quincy G.


My three kids saw the show and they are three, six and nine years. The best part, each one loved the show! It was great!

—A Busy Mom

The sheer volume of the kids in the audience screaming, left little doubt that they were completely engaged and having a great time! My daughter and her friend really liked that this show was completely focused at young kids. They LOVED the tattoo and the face painting and they played with their balloon animals all the way home on the TTC (and continued to play with them well past their bedtimes, too.)

—Nicole L.


This show has concluded


Performed by Julie Eng

Set Design by David Rayfield

Music by John Lang

Assisted by James Alan and Suley Fattah

Produced by Magicana

In partnership with the Lower Ossington Theatre