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Sharing Secrets 2021

Today is about sharing secrets—and building community.

The Allan Slaight Sharing Secrets Award celebrates exceptionally creative and innovative work in the study of magic, and comes with a prize of $10,000 from the Slaight Family Foundation, along with engraved iPads to commemorate the occasion. In the past, we have honoured the achievements of Mike Caveney, Richard Kaufman, John Lovick and College of Magic in South Africa, Juan Tamariz and Rafael Benatar.

We are thrilled to announce that this year, we celebrate are two inspiring individuals—David Sandy and Lance Rich—in recognition for their outstanding work in creating and producing the Magic Collectors’ Corner.

From April 19 to November 29, 2020, David and Lance created, hosted and produced the Magic Collectors’ Corner. This was a free weekly series of online sessions—typically running three or more hours per session—that filled thirty-three consecutive Sunday evenings with magic. And even though the Corner officially concluded its weekly sessions at the end of 2020, David and Lance continue to produce reunion shows—growing and nurturing the magic collecting community.

During the global lockdown that isolated us from our friends and family, David and Lance generated an important and meaningful space for people from around the world to gather and to share. The camaraderie built and community formed is, indeed, the Magic Collectors’ Corner’s lasting legacy.

Learn more how David and Lance developed and built this exceptional project.


We are so excited! Tomorrow, Thursday, we reveal who is this year’s Allan Slaight Sharing Wonder recipient. See you then!


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