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Luna De Verano

In the world of magic, there are few performers more instantly recognizable than “Maestro” Juan Tamariz. With a top hat that is never quite able to contain wild unkempt hair, a crazy manic disposition, and an enchanted violin that plays at the successful completion of every trick, he is one of our era's most revered creators, performers and thinkers—most notably in the field of card magic.

Earlier this year, we released Chan-tatachán, the Spanish magic and variety program hosted by Tamariz. Now we are pleased to add more magic from Spain to The Screening Room.

Luna De Verano was produced for Canal Sur in 1990. The show was hosted by Tamariz with a mix of close-up and stage performances with a number of special guests including: Gaëtan Bloom, René Lavand, Pepe Carroll, Finn Jon, Anthony Blake, Hans & Helga Moretti, Juan Mayoral and many more. Enjoy over sixty performances and more than nine hours of magic. As with our earlier collections, the series is searchable by performer and by trick.

And yes, all this magic just in time to binge watch over the break! Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season!

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