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The Ibidem Collection

Ibidem Vol. 1 is out of print

Thanks to the publishers of Ibidem, Magicana is able to offer Ibidem Vol.s 2 and 3 as a bundled set of two for $65 USD, including taxes and shipping to North America (Canadians are subject to HST.) International orders are $125 USD postage paid.

Ibidem (1955 –1979) was a magic periodical edited by Toronto’s P. Howard Lyons. Notable contributors include: Ed Marlo, Stewart James, The Amazing Randi, Norm Houghton, Martin Gardner and Fawcett Ross. The magazine was published in limited numbers with an erratic schedule (there was a 10-year lapse between issues 34 and 35).

Each cover was individually silk screened by artist Pat Patterson. There was a follow-on project called Aziz where there was no editing or re-writing, just contributions “as is.” All of these amazing tricks and illustrations have been collected in these volumes.

Each Ibidem volumes normally retails for $60 US and its size makes it costly to ship—especially to Canada. But Magicana is now offering Vols. 2 and 3 as a set, for $65 USD, including taxes, postage to North America and handling charges. Canadian residents are subject to HST. International shipping by air mail is $125 USD.

We’re practically giving these books away! Limited offer, while supplies last. Act now because Vol. 1 has sold out!

(Vol. 2 and 3 only)

USA: $65 shipping included
Canada:$65 shipping included (HST added at checkout)
Overseas: $125 shipping included