Maestros of Magic

We’re back!

For Luminato 2013 – that is!

In partnership with Luminato, Magicana is proud to present: Maestros Of Magic

Miguel Puga and Rafael Benatar give us the opportunity to experience magic for both the eyes and the ears; magic that confounds our logic and music that stirs our emotions. It is an unusual pairing, presented by Maestros of Magic. Steve Cohen, another Maestro, strikes a different chord, one that is as intimate as it is intriguing, performed in the ordinarily off-limits opulence of George Brown House.

Promising to be a visual spectacle, Maestros of Magic will have audiences marvel at great feats of magic. Here is the 2013 program:

Concerto for Piano & PasteboardsJune 14, 15, 16

@ Mazzoleni Concert Hall in the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning

Written by: Miguel Puga & Miguel Aparicio
Directed by: Miguel Puga

This unusual concert with two players, four hands, a piano and a deck of cards began when a magician, counting the white keys of a grand piano, noted that there were 52, the same number as cards in a deck. Joining forces with a musician, the two blurred the boundaries of their artistic domains and discovered how objects so fundamentally different could be used to bring forth deep emotions of a remarkably similar nature— the Primordial Spirit—that “something” so mysterious and elusive, yet unquestionably real, that all audiences crave. Miguel Puga is the magician, joined by pianist Paz Sabater and Luis Britos as the Primordial Spirit.


Chamber MagicJune 17, 18, 19
George Brown House
$60, $75

Written and performed by: Steve Cohen

For those who only believe what they see, Steve Cohen invites you to come close, really close. A master magician whose repertoire is designed to engage the mind as much as the eye, Cohen’s Chamber Magic hearkens back to an era when wealthy patrons secured the services of elite wonder-workers to transform a salon into a stage and mesmerize family and friends with magic. Known as the “Millionaires’ Magician,” Cohen has performed the role of a society performer for over a decade at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. As the show is designed to be experienced up close, fewer than 60 patrons will be admitted to each performance. With an adults-only mandate, audience members are asked to dress to impress in cocktail attire.


CompositionsJune 21, 22, 23
@ Conservatory Theatre in the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning

Magic & Music Performed by Rafael Benatar

Great music performances are often described as magical, and amazing feats of magic are as transfixing as stellar music works. Rafael Benatar is unique in possessing both skills. He studied several instruments of the lute and guitar families. He also taught himself magic combining his enthusiasm for mystery and communication with his background and discipline in the practice of music. He now intertwines his passions in Compositions, a dazzling blend of Baroque lute and guitar music with his unique style of magic which appeals to the same audiences and spaces, a combination that is magically greater than the sum of its parts.


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