David Ben on the Art of Secrets and Magic

The editor of Luminato’s Light News, Michael Redhill, asked David Ben, artistic director of Magicana and magician, about the importance of secrets in magic. David’s response was featured in the first edition of the online magazine as a teaser for David’s forthcoming appearance at Lunchtime Illuminations (noon, Wednesday, June 19 at the Luminato Lounge at the Hub), alongside the maestro behind Chamber Magic, Steve Cohen and molecular gastronomist and chef, John Placko.

In his response, David talks about his thirty-five-year long pursuit of real secrets – or “tacit knowledge” – ones that are ascertained by the masters of their craft, whose deliberate practice and highly-disciplined journey towards being the most brilliant and talented in their fields could possess. David also talks about the heartbreak that occurs when these secrets are taken – stolen – from artists without their permission  – an interesting take on the misuse of knowledge that has been passed down on the assumption that it will be used precisely and with significance.

Read David’s opinion on secrets here.

Learn more about Maestros of Magic.



Lunchtime Illumination
June 19 @12:00PM
Luminato Lounge at the Hub

Featuring Magicians David Ben, Steve Cohen and Chef John Placko

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