The Experts at the Card Table

The Experts


We are pleased to announce that our latest publication, The Experts at the Card Table, it is nearing completion. Having been in pre-production for over a decade, it is an understatement to say that this book has been a challenge.

Wait, this is another book on Erdnase?! No, it’s much more than that.

The Experts at the Card Table is a new interpretation of the seminal work on card cheating, Artifice, Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table, self-published originally by an S. W. Erdnase, in Chicago in 1902. Here, Ben offers a fresh and new perspective on what he describes as “The Erdnase System for Advantage Play” – that is, an approach for cheating at card play. Ben has reformulated Erdnase’s original prose for greater clarity in order to illustrate clandestine card table artifice.

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