Take On Me, Rob Zabrecky

Rob Zabrecky

Magicana is pleased to announce that one of our guest artists, Rob Zabrecky – the opening act for Card Table Artifice – will be a participant in Luminato’s Take On Me visual arts programme.

Take on Me is a partnership between the Luminato Festival and PATTISON Onestop as part of their ongoing Art in Transit program. Artists from outside Toronto (such as Rob Zabrecky from Los Angeles) are asked to create short videos that represent their work. In turn, artists from Toronto are asked to create a “response”. The video dialogues will be presented on platform screen across the TTC subway station platform screens before and during the Luminato Festival.

And when Rob Zabrecky is involved, you can be sure it will  be something worth watching!

So, keep your eyes peeled on screens on the TTC platforms from June 2 to 15th —  you just may sneak peek into Zabrecky’s wonderfully dark and hilariously mysterious world!

Photo by Arto Airaksinen



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