Magic and Molecular Gastronomy at Lunchtime Illuminations


Molecular Gastronomist and chef, John Placko, joined master magicians, David Ben and Steve Cohen in today’s Lunchtime Illuminations moderated by Michael Redhill.

The main topic of conversation revolved around the similarities between planning a meticulous and seamless meal that chefs study passionately, and the hours of deliberate and countless practice spent on delivering a flawless magical feat in front of an audience.

David Ben, a veteran in the art of magic, produced, alongside Magicana, a successful bout of shows for Luminato’s magic series: “Maestros of Magic”. Part of this is Steve Cohen’s “Chamber Magic”, an intimate and wildly interactive magic show held at the beautiful George Brown House — a performance that is guaranteed to give you the experience of intense wonder and curiosity as Cohen delivers a  series of timeless magical feats.


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