Lunchtime Illuminations featuring David Ben and Steve Cohen

Lunchtime Illuminations – Magicians David Ben and Steve Cohen

Shower your lunch time with magic and listen to David Ben and Steve Cohen talk about finding magic in our every day lives – from the kitchen to the stage!

For a sneak preview of their talks, read Steve Cohen’s snippet here, and David Ben’s here.

Today, Wednesday, June 19 @ Luminato Lounge at the Hub / David Pecaut Sqaure
55 John Street, Toronto
12 PM to 1:15 PM

During this transformative discussion, Toronto-based master magician David Ben and the Millionaires’ Magician, Steve Cohen, will be joined onstage by a molecular gastronomist and chef John Placko who knows a thing or two about magical effects in the kitchen. Magic happens every day, it is about believing what you see, taste, or smell. (David Ben advises that all who attend must swear a vow of secrecy!)


One thought on “Lunchtime Illuminations featuring David Ben and Steve Cohen

  1. Thanks for putting this great talk together.
    It was Mr. Ben who first introduced me to Dai Vernon, so like Doug Henning introduced him to magic .. you get the idea.
    Steve Cohen and the cook guy were cool too – Very cool like liquid nitrogen cool. Great way to serve doughnuts. Good moderation with good questions. Amazing ticket give away at the end. Heartfelt thanks. And a big hello to Mr. Ben from some of his friends in spain.

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