Concerto for Piano & Pasteboards: A Fine Show

Luminato review: Fine card tricks the essence of Piano and Pasteboards

Pasteboards photo by John Terauds

Magician Miguel Puga and pianist/straight person Paz Sabater on stage at Mazzoleni Hall on Friday (John Terauds phone photo).



Luminato failed to show its hand with the first of its magic-themed shows, which opened at Mazzoleni Hall on Friday night. The title is Concerto for Piano and Pasteboards. It’s a fine show. But it has almost nothing to do with pianos and everything to do with card tricks.

It’s a short, sweet magic show where the assistant doesn’t mutely stand at the magician’s side in a sequined suit but plays a grand piano instead.

The show’s Spanish creator and star is magician Miguel Puga, a fun guy who made me think of every family’s oddball uncle who every year pulls something funny and unexpected at Thanksgiving dinner.

His little bit of tomfoolery involves card tricks of all shapes and sizes — with a little bit of something different at the very end of the 90-minute show, something Puga calls a “Sonata for piano and strings.”

The pianist is Paz Sabater, who does fine work tickling the ivories and acting as Puga’s all-purpose straight person. Just don’t expect a piano recital,or more than a passing glance at some favourite pieces by Manuel de Falla.

At a festival that prides itself on creativity, there is something down-homey and old fashioned about Piano and Pasteboards, right down to the cue cards that announce each act and long-suffering stage assistand Luis Britos. It’s also a show the whole family can enjoy — and may even be called to participate in.

You can find the Luminato blurb and ticket information here. Performances continue to Sunday evening.

— John Terauds



Originally Posted on on June 14, 2013


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